Selce (Croatia), March 22nd 2019 – Product “Mars 2” has been successfully commissioned to port Slana in Selce near Crikvenica. Client for this project was County port authority Crikvenica. LAVORO SPELL department conducted the installation and testing. “Mars 2” has been mounted on existing pole providing complete ecological, smart and 100% solar lighting on the pier that has no electricity. This product belongs to Mars family of SPELL products, which means it can be mounted to existing poles from 3 to 6 meters high and with diameter up to 6 cm. “Mars 2” has long battery with 36 hours of light with just one solar charging. It is equipped with “True White CREE Technology” LED lights and RGB color decorative LED lights and it’s timeless compact design makes it perfect for piers, parks, pathways and side streets.

March 26th 2019 – “Mars 2” capability to switch from white to multiple colors has been tested in public by the client to denote the “Purple day” as a symbol of support to persons suffering from epilepsy.

Mars 2 by LAVORO SPELL in purple color
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